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DYAC Programs

Deaf Young Adults for Christ offers various of programs reaching young people everywhere to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, and passion for sharing the love of Christ. 


​Currently, we have these programs below:

Weekly Bible Study on Zoom





Many Deaf Christians are isolated and we believe it is more important than ever that Christians gather together in studying the Bible together, encourage one another and learn from each other.

DYAC provides Bible Study groups online through Zoom Meetings every Friday evening at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time (5 pm Pacific Standard Time).   Interested in joining our weekly online Bible Study group? Contact for the zoom link.

Camp Meetings/Conferences

Keep an eye on the upcoming events for the next meetings.


One-on-One Bible Study

Want to have a Bible study with someone one on one? It can be through mail, email, or video phone. Please email us and we'll be glad to arrange a Bible study with you!


Informational Webinar

DYAC offers informational webinars through live video conferences every 3-4 months with a guest speaker on various topics.  Like our Facebook page Deaf Young Adults for Christ to be updated of our upcoming webinars.


Prayer Partner/Spiritual Support

1. Ask any DYAC youth of same gender and commit to being a spiritual support/ prayer partner to each other for set of time (example, VP every 2 weeks for 3 or 6 months).
2. Introduce yourself to your spiritual support/prayer partner and share something about yourself.
3. Share your struggles in growing in Jesus.
4. Pray for your partner daily. You can pray about his or her life situation and also specific needs.
5. Share what you learned from the Bible. Don't advise but gently share.
6. Be a constant encouragement for growth in holiness and zeal for sharing Jesus.


Suggestion for Spiritual Support/Prayer Partner

- Conversations between you and your spiritual support/ prayer partner is not a session of confession (confessing sins to God and ask Him only for forgiveness, etc)

- Should we share everything? Know your boundaries and keep things private between you and your partner. Respect each other's privacy.

- Don't be possessive. Some may imagine that as a partner I should have known certain things.​


Email us if you have any questions about these programs or wish to participate at

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