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SDA Hymnal Project

Have you struggled to translate the SDA hymnal into ASL for your church? Do you wish to have the readied ASL version? Guess what? 3ADM, DYAC, and DEAF plan to create an ASL version of the SDA hymnal and videos!

We need your help! How?

Step 1 - Select the song number you want to sign. Use your email address to sign up.

Step 2 - Type the English version on the left and ASL version on the right. It will be used for the book. Please email it to

Step 3 - Once double-checked by us, film yourself!

Here are a few rules to remember:

- Wear the opposite color of your skin color

- Use a plain background or Use Nature Scene

- Use good lighting from the sun or indoor lights. Try to avoid shadows on your face.

- Framing - Hands stay within the frame, leave spaces around you, and stand on the right or left side to leave room for the wording.

Step 4 - When complete, upload it to any online storage and share it with for editing. OR you can edit your film yourself and send me the final copy.

Have any questions? Need support? Contact me at

We look forward to seeing the completed ASL version of our SDA Hymnal book and hundreds of videos! Thank you for your support!

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