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DYAC Camp Meeting 2019

Updated: May 24, 2022

The DYAC Camp Meeting was held concurrently with DEAR at Mt Aetna Retreat Center in Hagerstown, MD. DYAC welcomed 19 campers from different parts of the USA.

Different presenters gave workshops & presentations based on a specific theme throughout the camp meeting: “Let God Fight Your Battles.” Joshua Piccerillo gave two presentations on the significance of prayer and Bible study. Song Hoa Choi led a workshop on how to answer challenging Bible questions. A financial workshop titled “Overcoming Financial Battles” was given by Farrah Gooding-Santiago. Amanda Colgan gave a presentation on the science of habits and the different ways to overcome bad habits. Morning devotions were given by Uloma Ballard and Nicolette Reynoso. Lastly but not least, Josiah Kelly shared tips on how to befriend Deaf people and Bible marking. He also led Sabbath School, focusing on the topic of forgiveness.

On Thursday afternoon, DYAC tremendously enjoyed the team challenge activity given by Joel Springer from Mt Aetna Retreat Center. The children and their mothers went horseback riding. On Friday, the campers had a great time climbing and ziplining. DYAC joined DEAR in a candlelight vigil on Friday evening and Sabbath worship service where Clifford Goldstein gave an in-depth overview of the topic of an investigative judgment.

If you know someone who is between the ages of 18 – 38, please tell them about DYAC and contact us at We would love to meet more Deaf Young Adults!

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