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DYAC Camp 2013

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Deaf Young Adults for Christ (DYAC) held a camp meeting in High View, West Virginia. Sixteen young adults from all across the country spent four days together learning more about Christ and His teachings. Francisca and David Trexler joined this camp meeting as guest speakers along with Paul Kelly, the DYAC Advisor, and his wife, Tina. This camp meeting also had an activity group for young children led by Tina.

This year’s DYAC theme was “Walk with Christ.” We had a very busy schedule with group discussions, presentations and activities. Margie English started off the camp with a presentation on Christian Stewardship.

Amanda Colgan shared a message on Righteousness by Faith. David Trexler gave a message on facing temptations as Christians. The DYAC members enjoyed a brief lay training led by Paul Kelly with an in-depth discussion on witnessing leading to baptism. This discussion led to some additional time with all the elders in a Bible Questions and Answers session later that weekend.

Sheelah Kimbrough gave several delicious food demonstrations showing how to make quick and healthy dishes. We learned together how to make Thai spring rolls, mean green smoothie, fruit-infused water, and banana ice cream.

Francisca Trexler spoke with the group about temperaments and how understanding ourselves and others helps us connect better with Christ. Francisca provided questionnaires to help us identify our temperaments and spiritual gifts.

Sabbath was enjoyable as we participated in Sabbath School led by Josiah Kelly and then listened to Jason Kimbrough’s thought-provoking message titled “God’s Awesome Power.” Lastly but not the least, Danyette Mathisen led a group discussion on Christian living.

Each afternoon, after lunch, many of us took advantage of activities offered at the campground, such as high swing, mountain skateboarding, and zipline. It was incredible to see Jade Kimbrough (age 6) and Eva Santiago (age 5) brave the zipline and high swing!

We were really impressed with the camp staff who made sure we were comfortable during the entire camp meeting. They were very attentive to our needs. The first two nights were COLD! The camp staff provided lots of blankets and heaters because the cabins were not heated. Everyone was a good sport. Some people stayed up late in the cafeteria playing games and chatting. Amazingly, the camp staff stayed up late making cookies and popcorn for them! The food they served were top-notch; healthy and all from scratch!

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