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DYAC Camp 2012

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Deaf Young Adults for Christ (DYAC) held our 5th camp meeting at Milo Deaf SDA Camp Meeting in Oregon on July 2012. We sponsored 16 young adults to the camp meeting. They came from Washington, DC, New York, Maryland, Massachusetts, Arkansas, California, Florida, Colorado, Texas, Washington state and West Virginia, 11 states in total! Some people arrived early to take advantage of the spiritual food offered at Milo.

Josiah Kelly and Danyette Mathisen co-led the presentation about mentor and accountability partners to provide tools and support for the youths. They gave their presentation at the beautiful Crater Lake! Margie English gave an informative presentation on the Power of Prayer.

On the next day, Amanda Colgan gave a workshop on how to witness/ evangelize and in the afternoon Francisca Trexler gave a workshop complete with a skit on how to give Bible studies.

To top it off, on Saturday evening we participated in an open Bible Q&A with a panel joined by David & Francisca Trexler, Alan Meis, and Julius Vold. Many youths said it was the best part of the camp meeting! They were surely thirsty to learn more about the Bible!

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