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About Us


Here are the descriptions of the committees for camp meetings/conference.  If you wish to join us, email us at

  • Fundraising

    • Recommend ideas how members and the organization can raise funds individually, in small groups, or as an organization. Provide guidance on how to follow-through with the ideas upon approval by the board. Recommendations on proper procedures is requested at the end of the year.

  • Mentorship

    • Provide support in pairing individuals with a mentor and an accountability partner to encourage continuous growth in Christ. Conduct periodic checks on progress and collect feedback on program effectiveness.

  • Financial

    • Recommend budget for approval by board. Reviews proposals involving use of funds from other committees and makes recommendations to the board.

  • Camp Meeting Planning

    • Propose DYAC's yearly main program agenda (presenters and special activities), coordinate registration requirements, coordinate volunteers for transportation and activities.

    • T-Shirt Co-ordinator will lead a group of DYAC members to create annual t-shirt for the camp meeting events.

  • Governance

    • Review organizational bylaws for operational rules and responsibilities of the Board of Directors and recommend revisions in writing that clearly describe ordinary operations, or changes requested by members.

  • Webmaster

    • Support the Board of Directors and the committees in posting announcements, revisions of the website.

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